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Things You Can’t Do In A Passive House

Things You Can’t Do In A Passive House

Sure living green sounds good, but you wouldn’t believe what you can’t do in a Passive House. You can’t rock out to your neighbour’s tunes or enjoy the sound of their children yelling in the morning. You can forget drawing smiley faces on fogged windows with your own children (you are going to have to use paper from now on). Out of room in your freezer? No more using the side door as an impromptu cold-storage (try the car trunk). Got a cat? Well your nose won’t be the one telling you to change the litter box anymore (do it with the compost?). Even the festivities take a beating in a Passive House, as you can no longer use icicles on the eaves of the roof as holiday decorations. #youcantdothatinapassivehouse is right!

Peace and quiet
When it comes to sound and the party next door the benefits of more insulation and thicker walls in a Passive House is peace and quiet. While toasty inside you can close your windows and the world outside will melt away!  Your mechanical system need only be a fraction of the size so it will not disturb you. Just remember to close the blinds.  Your neighbours may not hear you but they still have eyes. 

Smells good
With quality filters and efficient heat exchanger the continuous gentle breeze of fresh tempered air invigorates your house expelling an equal amount of stale air away. This leaves a fresh smell and no humidity problems. You will have to keep a schedule for the garbage, compost, and kitty litter disposal because the nose won’t know. 

Windows that work
Frost on windows is a sure indication your windows are not doing their job! Air infiltration, inadequate insulation and cold frames defeat the purpose of a window.  A window is supposed keep the view while keeping out the weather. When too much interior humidity meets a poor quality window you get moisture and mold!  Properly ventilate the whole house - not just the kitchen and bathroom. In a Passive House with heat recovery and high quality windows  you will be healthier and your windows will last longer. Plus your won’t get frostbite on your fingers when drawing. 

Comfort, not cold

The energy you use in the house should stay in the house. It should not leak from every pore, heating you as it passes by to the great outdoors. In a Passive House you stay comfortable and stop paying to heat (or cool) the exterior. A Passive House certified door is well insulated and airtight.  No cold air can leak under the door to cool off the mudroom and keep extra fruits and veggies fresh. The good news is with a small bit of your huge energy savings you can get awesome LED fake icicles because they aren't growing on your house anymore!

Excited about what you can't do in a passive house? Join Passive Buildings Canada (a non-profit organization) and help to promote better buildings!

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