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Share your plans with us! Seeking assistance with EMBARC study

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Share your plans with us! PBC is working with Builders for Climate Action to do a study on embodied carbon in part 9 buildings, focusing on the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA). The “Emissions from Materials Benchmark Assessment of Residential Construction'' (EMBARC) study is looking at material carbon emissions (MCE) in actual buildings rather than using models. The EMBARC study is made possible through funding from The Atmospheric Fund.

We are seeking plans for a variety of Part 9 housing built in the GTHA between 2017-2020. In exchange for being able to include your plans in the study, we will provide you with the results

from our MCE calculations for each of your buildings we study. See here for more details on what we are looking for and how we will use your data:

EMBARC GTHA Study - Request for Plans (1
Download • 275KB

Want to know even more: see video below: