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We're happy to provide our logo for promotional use and we want to help you use it the right way! Please take note of the rules and guidelines below to ensure that our brand imagery is represented properly in your project.

Note that use of our logo does not qualify as endorsement, nor does it grant you the ability to act as a representative of Passive Buildings Canada.

Brand Assets

Got Questions?

If you're unsure about any information on this page or worried that you're making a mistake while using our brand assets please contact us prior to publishing.


Keep a reasonable amount of padding around all versions of the Passive Buildings Canada logo.  Try not to put anything within the box shown here.


Do not change any colours in the Passive Buildings Canada logos.

Use the full colour logo whenever possible.  On dark backgrounds, use the monochromatic white logo.  Use the monochromatic logos when creating work intended solely for grayscale display.

Do not change the typeface of the Passive Buildings Canada Logo.

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