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The Healing Hive with Adam Cohen

PBC is offering a course, The Healing Hive, with Adam Cohen for free to PBC members (first come first serve).  If you  have an interest in participating in this programme, please fill out this expression of interest google form.

Adam says "My contention is that in order to deliver high performance buildings, using a high performance system (IPD) we need high performance individuals.  This high performance is created by understanding ourselves and each other in the greater context of society and the project.  Taking a wider, deeper view of professional actions. Here is a link to a video with some more description.


We have created the Healing Hive to build strong bonds of trust and communication within Healing Hive participants.  It is our hope that the Healing Hive training will lay a strong foundation for building strong IPD teams."


The programme is made up of the following:

  • (3) 90 minute on-boarding.  These happen once a month for three months to prepare for a workshop. Decolonizing the Heart taught by Diem LaFortune

  • (2) full day Decolonizing the Heart workshop that happens after the first three months.  These typically happen on weekends.

Boots On The Ground

Boots On The Ground (BOG) is a dynamic conference series that brings together leaders from the design and construction fields to share ideas, network, and learn about products, and new solutions to get the job done. Boots on the Ground was founded by the BlueGreen Group in 2013 who passed the torch to Passive Buildings Canada in 2018. Each event features a mini-trade show made up exclusively of sponsors, food and drink, and one hour of networking time before and after the presentations. The presentations feature three talks, each presentation a maximum of 20 minutes with no Q&A (we encourage questions during networking). We aim to have one speaker be a builder and one a designer.

While Boots On the Ground events are typically invite only, you can find our backlog of recorded presentations on our YouTube channel!


We hope to have BOG in-person events return this year, pending the status of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2021 Annual General Meeting & Feature Presentation

We welcome all PBC members to join us for our Annual General Meeting on Monday, January 10th at 4pm PST/7pm EST.

As always at our AGM we  host an informative talk and we are very pleased to welcome engineer and  PBC co-founder David Elfstrom.  David's talk will be: 


How to  Identify and Rectify Poorly Ventilated Indoor Spaces Using Engineering Controls

Mr. Elfstrom is an independent energy engineer consulting on efficient use of energy in buildings. During the pandemic he has been drawing attention to the importance of ventilation, filtration, and overall indoor environmental quality. Earlier this year Mr. Elfstrom completed a ventilation and air pathways assessment of an apartment building in outbreak for a public health unit. 

Please click below to request your AGM ticket:

David Elfstom

Materials Matter: Embodied carbon benchmarks for Part 3 and Part 9 buildings in Ontario

Come  learn about the  implications of two studies (including EMBARC) on embodied carbon in buildings. Free and open to the public


Session 1: Designers, consultants and specifiers (April 22 11am-1pm)

Session 2: Manufacturers (April 29 12pm-2pm)
Session 3: Developers, owners and constructors (May 13, 11 am - 1 pm)

Session 4: Government representatives and regulators (June 3, 11 am - 1 pm)

The evidence is clear: the manufacture and transport of building materials in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area are responsible for millions of tonnes of emissions every year. These emissions are mostly overlooked and are not currently being measured or minimized, as pointed out by new studies on both low-rise and high-rise buildings in the region. Both the part 3 (small buildings) study and the part 9 (big buildings) study were funded by the The Atmospheric Fund and the part 9 study was done in partnership with the City of Toronto.

This workshop series is intended to share the results and insights from these studies with stakeholders in the region. Each of the four sessions will address the interests and concerns of a unique stakeholder group. Participants are welcome to join one session or multiple.

Each session will introduce the topic of embodied carbon -- the emissions arising from all the activities required to produce materials and make buildings as measured through life cycle assessment (LCA) -- and then share the results of both studies. This will be followed by sector-specific discussion sessions to help participants understand the implications of the study findings and help to shape potential responses. Separate breakout rooms will focus on either low-rise or high-rise buildings.